From the point of view of a company that is looking for a cloud service the required security level depends on the kind of data this company is working with:

  • personal data
  • order-data processing
  • very high sensitive data

Apart from that, there are some basics  which should be observed by every business. In some nations a company is legally responsible to prove the data security level of a service provider (e.g. in Germany).

The main questions are:

  • How to recognize which security level a company needs?
  • How to check and verify the security level offered by providers ?

Risks can be minimized through cloud solutions.
E.g. if the Service Provider holds an approved certification the customer has verified most of his legal responsibility – without spending extra time and money. We provide a set of criteria which should be observed and taken up by a cloud service provider and also a customer  going beyond the mere compliance with legal requirements. You will find details and answers in Security procedures.