PaaSport Marketplace – Final Release


The research result PaaSport Marketplace – Final release of the FP7 project PaasPort is a platform that resolves the data and application portability issues that exist in the Cloud PaaS market through a flexible and efficient deployment and migration approach.

PaaSport suggests an approach that allows developers to be independent from a single vendor and be able to switch between different platforms that they can discover through a single marketplace. This single, interoperable marketplace removes the semantic interoperability barriers and enables the unified access to different PaaS offerings, facilitates cross-platform deployment and allows European Cloud PaaS vendors (in particular SMEs)to promote their products.

The offered platform is currently at public beta that is available online for registration and usage. It allows both PaaS providers and developers to use it in order to register their PaaS offerings and deploy their applications to a PaaS accordingly.

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