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1. Summary of current trends

General Statements derived from craftsman include:
(source: cloudwerker market)

  • SaaS: Focus on Software as a Service – Paas and IaaS are not relevant.
  • Capital: The lower capital lockup and higher liquidity on the basis of savings in investments of hardware and software is a strong argument for smaller craft enterprises to prefer Cloud Computing.
  • Mobile: Basically the application of mobile terminals is useful for all craft enterprises that do their work outside. For example, the entry of order data, customer data or measurement can be supported by mobile Terminals and this way increases productivity of the company.
  • Craftsman cooperation: The cooperation of craftsmen brings significant benefits for customers (from one source) and hence becomes a competitive advantage.

Most important positive effects of the cloud include:
(source: KPMG)

  • Fast scalability of IT-Performance
  • Less IT-Administration effort
  • Easy access on geographically allocated IT-Resources

Most important hurdles for cloud adoption include:
(source: KPMG)

  • Fear of data loss
  • Difficulties with integration into in-house solutions
  • Uncertainties with respect to existing legal and regulatory Provisions

Significant confidence-building factors include: (source: cloudwerker user)

  • Backup- and Security concept
  • Availability and reliability
  • Safety by storage
  • Transfer and access data

2. Migration strategies

Migration steps – A summary
(Source: NTEN, Matthew Eshleman – Part 1Part 2 )

  1. Why migrate?
  2. What Systems to migrate?
  3. Where to migrate – what to evaluate?
  4. How to prepare the migration?
  5. Whats is important after the big switch?

Important Terms:
(source: Gardner)

3. Recommendations, open fields or market niches for ICT-SMEs

Some recommendations for Cloud suppliers
(source: KPMG)

  • Providers should strongly highlight the positive experience with cloud solutions and the real delivery of benefits that counts.
  • Providers should address safety concerns and provide information on the existing legal situation.
  • Providers could assist (advisory) in building an internal private cloud. In a second Step outsourcing of these services could be discussed.
  • What is important is the ability to integrate cloud solutions. Companies do not want further “IT islands” in the cloud.
  • A very strong service mentality and National/European data center are important for (potential) users.

SME Cloud Providers vs. Giant Cloud Providers How could SME cloud providers strenghen their sales position against giant vendors?
(source: CloudingSMEs Workshop Round-Table)

  • SMEs cloud providers cannot compete mainstream giant providers (e.g., Amazon, Google, Microsoft) in terms of economies of scale and cost-of-service.
  • SMEs should focus on niche markets (i.e. Novel cloud-based products and services beyond conventional compute services, storage services etc.)
  • SMEs could also offer more personalized & customized services to clients, for example through:
    • Offering localized services (e.g., tailored to the needs of a region or country)
    • Negotiating cloud contracts (beyond standard terms and conditions)

A summary of opinions from a Workshop Round-Table




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