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Why should small or medium sized enterprises (SMEs) care about Cloud Computing?

Example: Imagine you are a craftsman. You work outside at the customer and you can enter working hours & material into your mobile. So when you come home most of the “paperwork” is done. Invoices just need a final check & confirmation to be send to accounting.

All you need is a reliable cloud solution for your business sector, an internet browser on a computer or mobile. You can start from the scratch – for example with E-Mail, Time-Management, Collaboration, Disposal, Invoicing for your customers and much more.

SuccessStoryMM-ENIn keeping with the example:



The difference to classical solutions is:

  • Leasing instead of buying software or data space
  • The “pay as you go” character increases your flexibility concerning finance & resources
  • More security: The solution provider cares for updates, security and back up service by a high level
  • Cloud solutions offer the possibility to use powerful state of the art software and data space

The main benefits are

  • Spend less time for office work & receive better solutions for your key tasks!
  • Use current updated applications and security!
  • Profit of less expenditure for computing and extra support!

Video-CloudComputingFirst View:
A short video to explain what ‘Cloud Computing’ is.



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