The main objectives of the CloudingSMEs project are the following:

  • To mobilize and coordinate an SME-centric team of stakeholders from both SME communities and cloud computing communities (including partners representing SME communities and other stakeholders), towards identifying,
  • analyzing and proposing solutions with regard  to the key factors that inhibit the penetration of cloud computing within SMEs,
  • To unify and consolidate the requirements of SMEs regarding cloud deployment, towards documenting a common voice for SMEs in Europe,
  • To develop, document and promote a set of road maps for pursuing the identified vision (by 2020 and beyond),
  • To create a toolbox for SMEs, comprising a wide range of multilingual interactive services and techniques that can assist SMEs in their cloud related activities such as selection of cloud vendor/provider, conduction of techno-economic analysis, assessment of data protection issues, successful confrontation of legal/contractual issues, negotiation of SLAs and more,
  • To accompany the toolbox with a range of best practices associated with cloud-computing adoption, deployment and use, notably best practices derived on the basis of other SMEs experiences,
  • To develop a number of policy guidelines, in terms of technical, technological, socioeconomic and legal issues associated with the cloud computing development and their  takeup by SMEs,
  • To raise awareness about the cloud computing within SME communities, with a view to providing complete/integrated and neutral/objective information about cloud computing in way that is fully understandable by SMEs.

The project’s results areoffered to European SMEs through a single entry point and in a multilingual and SME-friendly way.